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The Fenway

1976, The Boston 200 Corporation

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Boston 200 is the city’s official program to observe the American Revolution from April 1975 through December 1976.

Sylvester Baxter, Boston Park Guide, 1895

“To give the desirable landscape aspect to the scene (Fens), a strikingly original but beautifully simple design was adopted, in simulation of the characteristic salt-marsh scenery of the New England coast- a brackish creek, meandering amidst fens with bosky banks. This landscape was…so natural…so resemblant to the scenes that once existed in the near neighborhood, that it gives the impression that, by some fortunate accident. A typical landscape of this character had been preserved for its exceptional charm in the midst of the city growing up around it”

The Fenway- A Neighborhood History Through the Eyes of Its Residents

This booklet is 45 years old. Most readers will be reading the history of the Fenway while some of us will be remembering the past.

Courtesy of the Boston Public Library. The Fenway Boston 200 Neighborhood History Series.

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